Tourism Travel Insurance

Assistance and insurance cover to customize your travel offer for tourism.

Tailored insurance for tourism

Cover in the event of travel cancellation, covering medical costs or early return, insurance for equipment or cover for domestic help, to protect your customers before, during and after their trips.

Advantages of the TOURISM offer​


for medical reasons involving the policyholder, their partner and descendants or ascendants


in the case of an illness, accident or death



with comprehensive, à la carte assistance and insurance cover






following the hospitalization or death of a family member or serious damage to the home



providing our knowledge and expertise in your image

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Understand our 7 types of Travel cover​

The Mutuaide Travel team presents the essential cover to offer your customers to protect them during when travelling.

  • Psychological Support Cover
  • Covid Cover
  • Support for Family Members Cover
  • Crisis Unit Cover
  • Accommodation Cover
  • Medical Costs Cover
  • Medical Repatriation Cover

Design your TOURISM travel offer

Choose the right types of cover for 360° protection of your customers when travelling

  • assistance cover: medical repatriation, medical and hospitalization costs, psychological support, etc.
  • insurance cover: travel cancellation or modification, transport delays, damage to property, luggage, personal effects, etc.
  • crisis unit, travel assistance, legal assistance services etc. Plus the Gabriel application to support your customer when travelling and a personal digital space for your customers to track their claims in real time.

Here are a few examples of cover for your customers

Travel cancellation

Henry has received an official summons just as he is about to depart on holiday. The travel cancellation cover covers this unforeseen event: Henry will be reimbursed for any down payments or sums retained by the travel firm.

Medical repatriation

Henry has broken his leg on a business trip and can’t return home as planned. Mutuaide arranges for his medical repatriation home.

Visit by a family member

Martin has to be hospitalized during a school trip. Fortunately, Henry and Emily are able to travel to be with him in no time at all. Mutuaide organizes and covers their return travel arrangements.

Search and rescue costs

Following a bad fall during his photo session on the ski slope, Henry knows that Mutuaide will cover the search and rescues costs involved in any life-threatening events.

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Mutuaide’s complementary offers


Support your customers in this new experience, thanks to a dedicated offer, customizable as a white-label, for all business travel for expatriates.

Business Travel

Meet the demands of your business customers thanks to a fully customizable Business Travel offer.

Sport and recreational equipment

Protect their equipment against theft, loss or breakage thanks to the cover for sport and recreational equipment.

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