Assistance for business premises

Benefit from tailored assistance, fully customizable as a white label and adapted to your business premises.

Examples of assistance cover for business premises

Following an incident occurring in the business premises

Damage to the business premises

Security provided by a security guard

  • Up to 72 hrs

Cleaning of the premises

  • Up to €120

Search for tradespeople to carry out repairs

Provisional repairs to the premises

Up to €200 in the case of water damage, theft or break-in

Search for temporary replacement premises

Transfer of equipment, furniture and goods

  • Utility vehicle rental for up to €305

Equipment storage

  • Warehouse rental for up to €460

Informing of suppliers regarding a temporary work stoppage

  • Up to 50 calls

Early return by the beneficiary to attend to the damage

  • Transport costs

Psychological support

  • Up to 4 telephone interviews

Loss or theft of keys to the business premises

Intervention by a locksmith

  • Up to €155

Accident in the business premises

Organization and cover of transport by ambulance to the hospital

  • On top of cover provided by the social security bodies

Cover of the transport costs of a replacement employee

  • Taxi if within 50 km

Cover under all our policies is customizable

I am interested
Eligibility conditions
Bâtiments professionnels
France métropolitaine, Andorre, Principauté de Monaco
The advantages of the policy
⊕ Gestion de l’arrêt provisoire d’activité
⊕ Recherche de local provisoire
⊕ Intervention d’urgence en cas d’accident dans le local professionnel
⊕ Contrat totalement personnalisable

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