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In addition to the human contact necessary when an incident occurs, Mutuaide also provides a simple and modern digital service for all customers with a roadside assistance policy (including for fleets): DIGItal Auto.


DIGItal Auto improves the customer experience at the time of the incident (breakdown, accident, theft or flat tyre) by facilitating geolocation and real-time access to services on their mobile.

Gold Insurance Award in the “Innovation and Customer Relations” category

Special “Coup de Cœur” prize at the 6th edition of the awards.

In a simple click, DIGItal Auto enables your customers to be geolocated and to track their roadside assistance services directly on their phone.

How does it work?

1 – In the event of a breakdown or accident, the customer contacts their assistance provider to explain the situation.

2 – They are then sent a link via text message inviting them to open a page web containing the information they need: nothing to download, no code: it is simple and immediate!

3 – If the customer does not know where they are, they can ask to be geolocated by clicking on the “Locate me” button

4 – They are able to view the contact details of the breakdown service and their predicted arrival time. Depending on the breakdown service’s equipment, the policyholder may geolocate the service and track its arrival on their web page.

5 – They can view the services necessary to complete their journey in detail, as and when they become available, (taxi, rental vehicle, train, hotel, etc.). They have to hand all the contact details and times to reassure them at this stressful time.

6 – After 3 days, they are invited to give their opinion on the quality of all the services provided.

The DIGItal Auto hallmark

A simple, modern and reassuring service for your customers.

24/7 accessibility via a smartphone by simple SMS link.

An immediate assessment tool to rate the quality of our services.

Improved customer experience!

A tool to improve customer satisfaction

Customers rate the roadside assistance service on DIGItal Auto:

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