Home and business premises assistance

Mutuaide assistance also provides immediate solutions and helps policyholders take the necessary action in the event of damage or problems occurring in their home, their building or their business premises.

Assistance in dealing with damage to a building
The risks are not the same for a private individual, a co-owners’ association or a business owner. Our assistance cover is therefore designed and customized according to each policyholder’s needs, in collaboration with our partner customers. Take advantage of our fully customizable assistance cover, which can be white-labelled.
Home assistance provides tailored solutions according to each policyholder’s situation in order to deal with damage to the home (theft, natural disasters, fire or water damage). In the event of an emergency, an accident in the home, damage or works, different assistance cover applies in order to provide immediate assistance and support each policyholder during this difficult time. In particular, Mutuaide can arrange for security, rehousing, repatriation, intervention by a tradesperson or home help, etc. Not to mention the Activeille videosurveillance solution, to protect your home.

Allô Travaux

Are you looking for advice and support to have work done on your home, as well as a network of high-quality tradespeople? Allô Travaux puts you in contact with our network of duly listed tradespeople (950 listed companies in all trades), guaranteeing high quality and follow-up.

In the case of an unforeseen event occurring outside of the building management company’s opening hours, Mutuaide can intervene in the private and/or common areas of the building to perform urgent repairs to the plumbing, locks, windows or electricity, or to replace a security guard on sick leave. Mutuaide also provides a videosurveillance solution, Activeille, to protect the building. Practical and legal advice and information are also available for residents.
Mutuaide provides swift assistance services for incidents occurring in business premises such as damage, accidents, theft or the loss of keys. The following cover is provided in particular: security, cleaning services, the search for tradespeople to perform repairs, intervention by a locksmith, etc. You may also wish to consider the Activeille videosurveillance service to protect your business premises.

Rerouting of phone calls

Mutuaide can set up a telephone hotline for your company when your offices are closed at weekends or on special occasions. Your appointments and messages will be transferred to you once your office reopens.

Mutuaide offers affinity household insurance to cover the household property of your customers and cover them in the event of unforeseen events: mobile phones, tablets, computers, garden equipment, sport and leisure equipment, etc. Whether portable or fixed, household property is better protected and for longer, or replaced in the event of loss or damage.
Mutuaide works closely in collaboration with its partner customers to create the best possible assistance offering given the needs of beneficiaries
This collaboration makes it possible to offer tailored services depending on the insurance policy.

Our cover

Some examples of our types of cover

Emergency repairs

A co-owners’ association has to deal with damage in the common areas of the building. Result: major water leaks. Urgent intervention by a plumber is necessary.


Mr Johnson receives a call indicating an intrusion to his business premises, detected by the camera installed in advance.

Rehousing following severe weather damage

A co-owners’ association has to deal with damage in the common areas of the building. Result: major water leaks. Urgent intervention by a plumber is necessary.


Following a break-in at the Johnson family’s home, their insurer calls a joiner to secure their property.

Rerouting of phone calls

A company can reroute its phone calls to ensure continuity of service (particularly in the evenings, at weekends and on public holidays), i.e. to record messages, appointments and the reporting of claims – e.g. an insurer.

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