Business Travel Insurance

Are you travelling for work? Take advantage of a travel insurance policy for all your business trips and work-related travel, in France and abroad.

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The current offer includes protection against COVID-19 type illnesses

Reassuring cover in the event of illness, quarantine or incapacity

An offer tailored to your professional needs

Cover for professional equipment, third-party liability, legal assistance, etc.

A customizable offer with a cancellation option

Protection against unforeseen circumstances, including professional, or in the case of COVID-19 type illnesses

Our offer in detail

Business Travel
Business Travel
From 17 €
(€ 4.25 / day*)
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Before the trip
Advice to travellers
Remote medical examination
Missed departure
€4 000 / person
Travel cancellation, including in the event of proven illness linked to a COVID-10 type epidemic or pandemic AND for professional reasons
Actual costs
In the case of an unforeseen event at your travel location
Medical costs in the case of an illness (including in the case of proven illness linked to a COVID-19 type epidemic or pandemic)
€150000 (Europe) - €300,000 (Worldwide)
Repatriation assistance
Actual costs
Medical costs (including in the case of proven illness linked to a COVID-19 type epidemic or pandemic)
Actual costs
Repatriation of family members or a companion
Actual costs
Accompaniment of children under the age of 15
Actual costs OR Return travel ticket * + Hotel costs €80 per night / Max 4 nights
Repatriation of the body
Actual costs
Death formalities
Return travel ticket * + Hotel costs €80 per night / Max 4 nights
Protection in the case of illness linked to a COVID-19 type epidemic or pandemic
Impossible return
€1,000 / person - €50,000 / group
Hotel costs due to impossible return
€80 / per night (maximum 14 nights)
Quarantine hotel costs
€80 / per night (maximum 14 nights)
Cover of a local telephone subscription
Up to €80
Psychological support
6 appointments
Emergency suitcase
€100 / person - €350 / family
Domestic help
15 hours spread of 4 weeks
Delivery of household shopping
1 delivery / week (2 weeks maximum)
Search and rescue costs including rescue from ski slopes
€10,000 / person
Continuation of travel after consolidation
Return travel ticket
Extension of your stay
€80 / night (5 nights maximum)
Visit by a relative
Return tickets
Advance of funds
€2,000 / person
Shipping of medication abroad
Actual costs
Assistance for the forwarding of urgent messages
Actual costs
Legal assistance
Bail €16,000 Lawyers’ fees: €8,000
Impossible return
€80 / per night (maximum 4 nights)
Transport delays
€70 / person (Europe) - €150 / person (Worldwide)
Missed connecting flight
€75 / person
Lost, stolen or damaged luggage (including professional equipment)
€3,000 / person - Spectacles €150 / person - Essential items €250 / person
Delayed luggage
€500 / person for delays > 24 hrs
Private third-party liability abroad (for persons residing in mainland France or the Overseas Dominions)
In the case of an unforeseen event at home during your trip
Accident / illness of a family member
Actual costs
Serious damage to the home
Actual costs

* for a single trip alone, for 4 days in France

Customize your PRO Travel Insurance

Complete your cover with an option

Cancellation Option

Do you need to cancel your trip? We cover you in the following cases:

  • An accident or illness, including COVID-19 type illnesses, and if you are not allowed to board
  • Unforeseen professional circumstances: transferral, changes to annual leave or cancellation of your business appointments
  • Serious property damage: fire, burglary, etc.
  • Administrative summons

All causes covered are set out in the policy information notice.

To better understand your cover and options

The advantages of the policy

Cover in the event of COVID-19 type illnesses

Your professional equipment covered up to €3,000

Legal protection up to €24,000

Third-party liability up to €4,500,000 (for persons residing in mainland France or the Overseas Dominions)

A free mobile application to simplify travel

Eligibility conditions

A professional travelling alone, with colleagues or with their family

Professional assignment, seminar, meeting, etc.

From 1 to 9 people

From 1 to 365 days

France, Europe and worldwide

Your documents and answers to your questions

Insurance Product Information Documents

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