Healthcare costs assistance cover

Thanks to their Mutuaide complementary healthcare and health assistance cover, your beneficiaries are supported and reassured whatever healthcare problems life throws at them.




Chronic illness

In addition to a healthcare costs policy

Our healthcare assistance cover provides support, reassurance and solutions. This cover is designed in collaboration between Mutuaide and the partner customer, according to the types of policyholders and their needs. Tailored, white-label healthcare assistance solutions for your beneficiaries through a network of qualified service providers.

In case of hospitalization

Mutuaide can put in place solutions to help with day-to-day life, such as domestic help, childcare, meal deliveries, care for pets and other solutions.

In case of immobilization

Mutuaide can put in place home help services. As in the case of hospitalization, it is possible to have a family member come to stay, or arrange for the services of qualified help for housework, childcare, etc. It is also possible to contact an occupational therapist to assess the policyholder’s situation and find solutions to adapt their home.

In case of maternity

Mutuaide provides for help by a childcare assistant after the birth. Specific parenting support is also proposed to help prepare calmly for the arrival of the baby, in the form of information and advice. And to relieve parents of everyday tasks, it is possible to arrange for a family member to come and stay, or for professional help with housework and childcare.

In case of serious, chronic or long-term illness rendering the policyholder immobile

Mutuaide organizes and covers their care and well-being at home. Cover to help and support the policyholder in this situation can include arranging for a family member to come and stay, domestic help, childcare or care of a dependent person, beauty treatments at home, etc.

Our cover

Some examples of our cover

Domestic help

Emily Johnson is expecting her 2nd child, a little girl (Lea). For this 2nd pregnancy, her doctor has strongly advised bed rest, as there is a risk of her going into labour prematurely. She needs help keeping her home clean. She therefore contacts her healthcare assistance to arrange for some domestic help.


In February, Martin Johnson has a fall. Result: a broken leg in plaster and immobilization at home for 1 month. Thanks to their healthcare assistance, he can benefit from tutoring to continue his schoolwork normally. In March, he will be able to go back to school without having fallen behind.

Care assistant

Grandma Lucy has a fall and fractures her pelvis. In this situation, she asks her healthcare assistance for help. A care assistant is provided to help her with everyday tasks, which have become difficult for her since her fall.

Meal delivery

Jack, Emily’s father, has undergone an operation which has left him weak. He contacts the healthcare assistance service, to arrange for the delivery of a few meals and his medication to make things a little easier.


Henry is hospitalized as an emergency. He must stay in hospital for several days and can therefore no longer collect and look after his children after school until their mother Emily’s return. Very upset and with little advance warning, she is unable to collect her children on time as she cannot change her working hours. Fortunately, childcare has been arranged

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