Roadside assistance for light vehicles

Benefit from fully comprehensive roadside assistance for light vehicles, adaptable to your needs and fully customizable as a white label.

Examples of roadside assistance cover for light vehicles

Roadside assistance

Vehicles immobilized following an accident or breakdown

Breakdown / Towing

  • Up to €300

Shipping of spare parts abroad

  • Shipping costs

Continuation of the journey or repatriation home (vehicle not repairable the same day)

  • Travel ticket or taxi if less than 100 km

Recovery of a repaired or stolen vehicle

  • Travel ticket or taxi if journey less than 100 km or a category A or B hire car

Security abroad

  • Up to €300

Abandonment of the vehicle (declared as written off) abroad

  • Actual costs

Repatriation of the vehicle from abroad (if immobilization >3 days)

  • Actual costs

Vehicles immobilized more than 24h in mainland France and other countries

Temporary accommodation

  • 1 night in France and up to 3 nights abroad

Assistance for travellers

Passengers ill or injured during the journey

Repatriation or medical transport

  • Actual costs

Visit by a relative (if hospitalization for more than 7 days)

  • Travel costs + hotel costs up to €80/night (max. 6 nights)

Replacement driver

  • Travel ticket or driver

Medical costs (for travel abroad)

  • Up to €30,000 with a €43 excess and up to €153 for dental care

Death during the journey

Repatriation of the body

  • Up to €1,500

Death formalities

  • Hotel costs up to €80/night (max. 2 nights)

Legal assistance (only abroad)

Advance of bail

  • Up to €15,000

Advance of lawyer’s fees

  • Up to €3,000



Category B replacement vehicle

  • Up to 5 days in the case of a breakdown, accident or theft


Category B replacement vehicle

  • Up to 5 days in the case of a breakdown or accident, 30 days in the case of theft


Cover under all our policies is customizable

I am interested

Eligibility conditions

Private individuals and their partner

Any person transported free of charge (excluding hitchhikers)

Any person transported for consideration (carpooling)

In the event of bodily injury or death, a breakdown, accident, puncture, theft, attempted theft, break-in, vandalism, fuel error, loss, theft or loss of keys

In a motor vehicle with 9 seats maximum, weight <3.5T

Trailer or caravan <750kg towed per vehicle covered

Registered in France

The advantages of the policy

⊕ Breakdown/Towing

⊕ Actual costs of repatriation for health reasons

⊕ Medical costs abroad up to €30,000

⊕ Fully customizable policy

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