Mutuaide means joining a growing company with extensive experience, which is committed to ongoing improvement

✔ A full career in the assistance professions

We offer scope for development in our assistance professions (Auto, Medical, Health, etc.), with the possibility of becoming an Expert. Conversion to the support functions is also common at Mutuaide.

✔ A managerial culture

In 2017, we decided to completely overhaul our management culture. Our entire management community is now committed to the path of management through trust.

✔ Support for becoming a future manager

We have set up a scheme to detect future managers internally, who then benefit from a veritable Management Academy: tailored training, coaching, co-development, etc.

✔ Real quality of working life

Our approach to quality of working life is to take care of you physically through well-being activities, take care of relationships and emotions though specific activities and make each person’s work meaningful.

✔ Exceptional working hours

By joining our assistance teams, you will work 4 days a week and will regularly be able to take a 4-day weekend. A real advantage, enabling you to take time for yourself.

✔ Social benefits

We provide an excellent mutual health insurance scheme and cover your transport costs in full. We fund 80% of the well-being activities proposed through partnerships with Yuco and we fund 20% of “CESU” cheques to pay for domestic help.

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