Personal Accident Assistance Cover

Thanks to their personal accident insurance policy and Mutuaide healthcare assistance cover, your beneficiaries are protected and supported during difficult and stressful periods of their lives.

Sick leave




In addition to a personal accident insurance policy

Our healthcare assistance cover provides support, help and solutions for policyholders at difficult moments in their lives: sick leave, loss of autonomy, invalidity or death.

In the event of sick leave

The policyholder may face a drop in income and an upheaval to their professional and family life. For this reason, healthcare assistance supports and covers the services policyholders need to maintain their lifestyle. Several types of cover are proposed, according to the policyholder’s circumstances and needs: maintenance of salary, career support, help with their return to work, coaching and training, home help, etc.

In the event of dependency

Mutuaide supports people suffering a loss of autonomy and their carers. Several solutions are available to help people in a situation of dependency or disability: advice, information, contacts, medical and social support, home help, etc. Our goal is to find the best solution for the individual concerned as well as for their carer, who as well as taking care of their loved one must also balance their personal life with their role as a carer.

In the event of invalidity

Mutuaide can help and support policyholders to maintain their lifestyle in the event of an accident preventing them from working and even resulting in a loss of income. Various types of cover can help the policyholder at this difficult time: replacement income, psychological assistance, assistance in everyday life, etc.

In the event of death of the policyholder or a member of their family

Mutuaide provides guidance and advice with regard to the actions and formalities that need to be carried and funeral arrangements. Losing someone is always hard and it is important to be properly supported and assisted, which is why we can arrange for a relative to travel in order to be at hand. Social and psychological support can also be arranged to support the grieving family.

Our cover

Here are a few examples of our healthcare assistance services:

Transportation of children

Emily is injured and can’t get around. She uses her assistance to take Lea and Martin to school. Each morning, a taxi picks the children up from home and drops them off at school.

Coaching and training

Unfortunately, Henry has lost his job. To get back on his feet and find a new job quickly, he uses his assistance to help him obtain training and coaching by professionals.

Medical and social support

Henry and his wife, Emily, are looking for information about loss of autonomy, to prepare as best they can in order to support Emily’s father. Their healthcare assistance provides medical and social support. The aim is to lessen the perceived burden and obtain the best information available about dependency.

Occupational therapist

Henry would like to make changes to his mother Lucy’s home, in order to improve her everyday life. His health assistance suggests an occupational therapist to help identify Lucy’s needs, understand her everyday requirements and propose solutions.

2nd medical opinion

Henry, now an independent trader, has to take time off work due to a medical problem, which means suspending his business for a few days and therefore a loss of income. He is not convinced by his initial diagnosis and would like to obtain a second medical opinion. His healthcare assistance can provide this service.

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