Mutuaide, a network of more than 4,000 partners


It is our partners who help our insureds day in day out. Developing and coordinating our network is therefore of vital importance to us

A rigorous selection process

Quality is not an option for Mutuaide. For this reason, we have set up a rigorous, clear and transparent selection process.

A dedicated team

For our team, the quality of the relationship with our service providers, whatever their size, is key to the smooth functioning of the assistance chain.

Quality on a day-to-day basis

In order to constantly improve the satisfaction of our insureds, we have set up a partner evaluation process.

requests for assistance per month

representatives in France and abroad


Competent and reliable professionals


ISO 9001- certified quality


An international presence


Comprehensive services to provide our customers with the best assistance possible

Do you wish to join our partner network ?

We will study your application very carefully


  • Complete the application form


  • We examine your partnership request


  • After studying your request, the Mutuaide network informs you of its decision

our quality charter

The Mutuaide network is committed

Listening, reassuring and finding swift and suitable solutions to our customers’ needs, wherever they live or in the course of their travels, constitute the key commitments of Mutuaide.

Be available

Providing a 24/7 service.

Be attentive

Providing courteous, competent and qualified staff.

Providing a hight-quality of service

Taking particular care in each task assigned.


The confidentiality of the customer’s personal data and refraining from using it.

Our partners are in direct contact with our policyholders to come to their assistance. We expect them to act as the extension of our own assistance team on the ground. For this reason, we subject our partners to a rigorous selection process and take care to ensure that our relationship is both respectful and well balanced.

The networking team

More digital, more connected

Providing our customers with the best possible assistance means ensuring our partners have effective, reliable and innovative management tools.



A task-assignment tool shared by all Assistance and Breakdown services. For greater responsiveness, assignments are thus digitised and sent directly via the breakdown mechanic’s phone app.


Our team answers your FAQs

What are the main selection criteria for choosing your service providers?

The first criterion is above all 24/7 availability and acceptance of our partnership terms and conditions.

In addition, we only select service providers available in a zone not covered by one of our current service providers.

Lastly, service provider applications are stored in an active database that we consult if we need to complete our network.

What indicators do you use to ensure quality of service?

To ensure quality of service for our end customers, we ensure that the number of malfunctions identified during a service (no response, unavailable, call centre and customer complaints) compared to the number of jobs assigned is equal to or less than a threshold set by Mutuaide. These ratios are regularly passed on to our service providers.

What are my obligations?

You must comply with your regulatory obligations, namely to provide a certain number of up-to-date administrative documents and submit them on a collection website. You must also comply with out quality charter during assistance operations.

Can I subcontract my assignments?

No, this is strictly forbidden. Some taxi or ambulance companies may, by way of a derogation, request a one-off authorisation, but this remains the exception.

How do you communicate with service providers?

We communicate by email or by telephone. We travel to the regions from time to time and are present at the roadside assistance trade fairs in Lyon and Albi.

Is the partnership tacitly renewed every year?

Yes, once the partnership is concluded it is renewable by tacit consent unless, of course, the service provider fails to fulfil its obligations.

If I sell my company, does the partnership continue?

No, the partnership cannot be assigned. In the event of the sale or takeover of the business, the new owner must submit a partnership request.