Because our customers’ lives are infinitely precious, we do our best to support you daily, at any moment in your life


Assistance and home protection

Work resumption

Following a health issue


A comprehensive range of services

Loss of autonomy

Support of customers and their caregivers

In the case of death

Support of policyholders or their spouses
home assistance

Lost your keys and been locked out? Or worse, your home has been burgled or flooded? We are there to help promptly or ensure emergency rehousing.

Planning a home improvement project? Get in touch with our network of craftsmen and ensure high quality and follow-up !

assistance in work resumption following a health issue

Are you unable to work for a period of over 8 days as a result of an accident or a disease ? Or have you been hospitalized for over 24 hours ? We are there to help you get back on track regardless of your age and arrange for :

  • Tutoring your children in case they have to miss several weeks of school.
  • Childcare services in the early days, in order for you to find a suitable arrangement
  • Housekeeping services to ease your chores
  • Catering
  • Psychological support for insured persons undergoing chemotherapy
maternity relief

If you have to stay in the maternity ward for more than 8 days, we are there to give your spouse a helping hand and prepare your return

  • Information and advice for “young parents”
  • Housekeeping services following childbirth
  • Preparing the coming of a family member to look after your children at your home
  • Provision of early childhood services at your home if it is your first child or in the case of multiple births
support of persons with decreasing autonomy and their caregivers

At first signs of a loss of autonomy, e.g. after a fall, Mutuaide offers a range of services to help seniors stay in their homes and ease their caregivers’ tasks :

  • Home care call-outs to support autonomy of seniors
  • Advice of an ergotherapist to plan home modification
  • Transportation of dependent persons from home to their family members’
  • Medical-social assistance to help family members obtain aid from pension funds and local authorities
  • Training of caregivers through phone contact with social workers
Assistance in the case of death

In the case of death of the policyholder we can provide :

  • School commuting and babysitting arrangements
  • Housekeeping services
  • Arrangements for family member arrival at your home
  • Information and advice regarding administrative procedures and funeral arrangements
  • Pet care
Words from our assistance coordinators
Because every family is different and tough times in life are already difficult enough to bear, our healthcare assistance counselors are hired because they are able of great responsiveness and empathy.

They are attentive to your situation and to elaborate with you the solution that will mostly fit your needs.

They will put you in touch with professionals whom we hire and assess with constant regard to the quality of service they deliver.

– Audrey
quality and excellence
are part of our DNA. Our healthcare and home assistance services are certified ISO 9001 – 2015 version.

Certified since 2001 (ISO 9001:2015 since 2017) and with its quality system seen as one of the major pillars of its corporate culture, Mutuaide is committed to quality assurance of its services (24/7/365) and aims at constantly improving customer satisfaction while staying financially sustainable. Three perennial principles underlie the force of Mutuaide :

  • Involvement of the entire staff and all departments with the quality management system.
  • Another historically fundamental pillar are our resources perfectly adapted to the job of an assistance provider which dwells on high proactivity and responsiveness to satisfy one’s customers.
  • Ever-adapting organization allowing to cope with market constraints and meet the ever-changing customer expectations.

This is why we deemed it essential to have our operational performance validated by an independent entity (BVC) and all our activities certified by an indisputable ISO 9001:2015 which applies to:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Assistance to travelers in France and abroad
  • Home assistance
  • Concierging
  • Geo-location
  • Human services
  • Rerouting of phone calls

In its constant quest for efficiency and quality Mutuaide and its customers can count on the company’s financial stability and its vibrant parent group Groupama.

A norm to set quality management standards for more efficiency and customer satisfaction
Human Services business managed by an approved organization